Sustainable building & living

How can we create affordable housing and achieve climate protection targets at the same time?

Our contribution to climate protection

-80 %

CO2 emissions

Through our focus on sustainable building and living, we were able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 80% in 2020 compared to 1990. This means that we have clearly exceeded the German government’s target (40% reduction). To continue to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the future, we are committed to setting energy standards for our existing buildings and our new construction projects as well as to sustainable energy generation systems.

Strategy for achieving the climate targets

Climate-neutral building stock by 2045

In addition to setting renovation quotas for existing buildings, our energy renovation roadmap also provides for the expansion of photovoltaic systems and the gradual conversion of the heat supply to district heating and renewable energies.

Car sharing & Co.

The “bewegt.wohnen” project offers wbg tenants an attractive mobility concept as an alternative to their own cars: It combines public transport, car sharing and rental bikes and additionally offers the possibility to save time and money!

To bewegt.wohnen

Environmental protection

How do we as a real estate company manage to protect the environment and harmonise the living space of humans and animals?

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