Tenants recruit employees

Do you know someone who matches our vacancies and is looking for an attractive new job? Then please feel free to recommend us!

Recruit employees and save on rent!

Are you a tenant of wbg Nürnberg? Do you have relatives, friends or acquaintances who would like to work for wbg Nürnberg? Then recruit new employees for us. As a “thank you”, you can look forward to a bonus of €1,500.

All vacancies that are advertised on our Careers page.

A successful placement means a period of employment of more than 6 months. Entitlement to the credit therefore only applies once this probation period has been successfully completed. In this case, you will be informed by us.

The tenant to whom the recommendation is allocated will have €1,500 credited to the rent account and offset against the upcoming rent payments or outstanding receivables. The tenant is considered entitled if he or she has an active tenancy with wbg or one of its subsidiaries at the end of the probation period of a recommended employee.

With regard to these two issues, the tenant him- or herself is responsible to the relevant authorities or offices. wbg does not provide any consulting or assume any liability.

The letter of application must specify the recommending tenant (holder of the tenancy agreement) with his or her name and address.

In this case, only the first application received counts. Multiple recommendations are not permitted.