Move management for tenants

Umzugsmanagement Plus (“Move Management Plus”) is a service for senior citizens and people with limited mobility.

wbg will help you with your move.

We would like to support you as our tenants in living independently in your flat for as long as possible. In a personal counselling session, we’ll advise you on all questions about moving into a suitable flat.

You’ll receive support in organisational matters that is individually tailored to your needs. We accompany you through the entire process, from the first conversation to the flat search and the final move.

We’re there for you

In particular, we discuss with you:

  • The reason for your wish to move
  • Your personal and financial situation with regard to a move
  • Criteria for a suitable flat
  • Other possibilities for assistance

SIGENA – Our neighbourhood project

Our SIGENA neighbourhood meeting points offer services and counselling for all situations in life.

More about SIGENA