Our kestrel

We create living spaces – even for kestrels

A kestrel had chosen the window niche in the roof of one of our residential buildings in Mögeldorf as its nesting place. In consultation with the Species Protection Department of the Environmental Office of the City of Nuremberg, the attic window was opened in the early autumn of 2020 and a nesting box with a webcam and an additional small room were installed there to protect the birds. This created a new living space for the feathered inhabitants.

We expect our kestrels back in March 2023 and are already looking forward to watching them breed again via webcam.

Detailed information on kestrels can be found here.

Live webcam

The most beautiful pictures of the past breeding seasons can be found in the picture gallery and on our social media channels.


A female appears at the nest box for the first time. The tercel immediately lures her into the box and the female looks around.

The kestrel has been visiting the nesting box regularly for some time now. Today, the tercel brought a captured mouse to the potential nest to attract a female.

The kestrel repeatedly appears at the nest box and prepares a nesting hollow.

The tercel shows up at the nesting box for the first time and lingers for a few minutes. We are delighted that the kestrels have found their place in the nesting box again this year. 

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