FAQs about living with wbg Nürnberg

The most frequently asked questions about housing with wbg - answered here

We offer both publicly subsidised and privately financed flats. You can find information on subsidised flats here. If you’re interested in a privately financed flat, you can view our housing offers online and apply via our online applicant portal.

In addition to the basic rent and the operating costs, which have to be paid to us, there are also heating costs and electricity. Depending on the furnishings of the flat, there may be cold and hot water costs as well as the cost of gas.

There is also a deposit. This must be paid before the start of the rental period and amounts to 3 times the net rent.

Name plates for the bell panel and the letterbox will also be ordered when you move in. These costs will be charged to you.

All services (including but not limited to registration and application in the portal at www.myrealid.com, viewings and renting of all properties and the support of existing tenants) are absolutely and without exception free of charge. No real estate agent or support fees are charged. Likewise, our employees are instructed not to accept any gifts or favours. Even a bribery attempt will result in you being excluded from the housing allocation process.

The rent is made up of the basic rent and operating costs. Heating costs are usually billed separately by the energy provider. In individual cases, this billing is also handled by wbg. Talk to your customer service representative if you are unsure whether your heating costs are already included in the rent.

The advance payments for operating costs cover costs that can be apportioned according to the German Operating Costs Ordinance (Betriebskostenverordnung). These include, for example, costs for house cleaning, waste disposal, drainage, the caretaker, maintenance of green areas, etc. You can find more useful information on operating and ancillary costs here.

The cable connection is a general contract with the company PŸUR. Nearly all of our almost 18,000 flats are equipped with a cable connection. This made it possible to negotiate a particularly favourable tariff with PŸUR.

The fees for the cable connection are included in the operating costs.

Do you have any questions about your cable connection or would you also like to receive telephone and internet via PŸUR? If so, please call PŸUR directly: Tel. 030 25 777 888.
Please also contact PŸUR in the event of reception faults or total failure: Tel. 030 25 777 777.

The reservation is binding for both parties.
If we reserve a rental property for you, we will no longer offer this rental property to other interested parties. If you then withdraw from the commitment, we usually incur a loss of rent. Due to your commitment, we no longer offer the rental property to others, so that no tenant is available at short notice. In this case, you will have to pay compensation of a maximum of three basic rents.

The term “oath of disclosure” (or “Offenbarungseid”) no longer exists in German law. It has been replaced by “submission of an affidavit” (“Abgabe der eidesstattlichen Versicherung”) and means that a debtor no longer has any attachable assets and has therefore been requested by the bailiff to make a complete list of his or her assets and to affirm in lieu of an oath that they are correct and complete. If a debtor has already made an oath of disclosure, further enforcement is usually futile. If the debtor makes false statements in the affidavit, he or she may be sentenced to up to 3 years’ imprisonment or a fine.

We also offer publicly subsidised flats for people who have no income and receive social benefits (e.g. unemployment benefit II (“Arbeitslosengeld II”)) or have a low income. Often pensioners and trainees are also entitled to a publicly subsidised flat. You can find out whether you are entitled to a publicly subsidised flat from the Nuremberg Social Welfare Office. Then apply first for a certificate of eligibility at the Housing Office of the City of Nuremberg. You can find additional information >>here.

If you notice a defect in the flat or in our residential buildings, please contact our repair service for all repairs at
Tel.: 800 44 66

Monday - Thursday:

7:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.


7:30 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

We have set up an emergency service number for all tenants outside opening hours for urgent emergencies: 800 44 44.

If it is not an emergency, you can also use the damage form.