TV, internet & telephone

Access full TV service via cable

Almost all of our housing complexes have their own wbg cable network, allowing you to receive cable TV at a particularly low price. Our partner PŸUR (formerly NEFtv) is the cable network operator that also offers internet and telephone services for an additional fee.

If you have any questions or problems regarding cable TV, please contact PŸUR directly:

Customer centre in Nuremberg:
Allersberger Str. 7, 90461 Nuremberg
Tel.: 030 25 777 777

Important information

TV switchover – Analogue to digital

As of 15/01/2019, you will only receive digital cable TV. PŸUR (formerly NEFtv) has switched off the analogue radio and TV signal due to a legal requirement.

For the switchover, please note:

  • The analogue TV signal was switched off on 15/01/2019.
  • If any of your devices that are connected to the cable network are not able to receive digital channels, you will also need a digital receiver.
  • Start a new channel scan after the switchover.

Standard services include:

  • Reception of digital radio and TV stations
  • Electronic programme guide and all programme information via remote control
  • Free-to-air HD television programmes

Additional information can be found at or in the information flyer: