Your training at wbg

Build a solid career in the real estate market - with a training or dual study programme at wbg. 

Our training opportunities:

Your training at wbg.

Your job: Providing a home for the people of Nuremberg.

wbg Nürnberg gives one in ten people in Nuremberg a home and is known for its modern, future-oriented urban development. With a course of training at wbg, you’ll gain a deep insight into the real estate industry. Here you can develop both professionally and personally.

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The facts about your training

3 years

is the duration of your course of training with us.


is what you’ll earn in the third year of your training. €1,070 in the first year and €1,180 in the second year.

6 trainees

are trained each year at the most. You can also apply now for the coming year.

Your dream job:
Real Estate Agent (m/f/d)

During your varied course of training as a Real Estate Agent (m/f/d), you’ll be the contact person for our tenants, prepare utility bills, visit flats and learn all about technical matters when you visit building sites.

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Important information: 
All our training positions for 2023 have already been filled.

What real estate agents learn with us

Real estate agents are specialists for flats, houses and land. In a course of training as a real estate agent, you’ll learn the theoretical and practical basics of acquiring, selling and planning buildings and land.

Areas of concentration

  • Administration and management of the housing stock
  • Letting of flats or commercial premises
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Application of property, tenancy and rent-regulation law
  • Preparation of profitability calculations
  • Procurement of financing
  • Planning and implementation of building projects

Elective qualification units

  • Accounting and controlling
  • Building management
  • Brokerage
  • Construction project management
  • Condominium management

Multifaceted training

Still not quite sure whether the training occupation is right for you? Watch the video to find out about the different facets of training as a real estate agent at wbg Nürnberg.

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Your dream job:
Architectural Draughtsman (m/f/d)

Architectural Draughtsmen (m/f/d) produce drawings and structural engineering documents that form the basis for all residential and commercial properties. In doing so, they usually work on the computer with CAD software, but are also sometimes on site at the construction site.

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Important information:
We will offer the course of training to become an Architectural Draughtsman (m/f/d) again in 2024 at the earliest.

This is what Architectural Draughtsmen (m/f/d) learn with us

As a Draftsman (m/f/d), you create drawings and technical construction documents. These form the basis for all residential and commercial properties. In doing so, you usually work with CAD software, but sometimes you’ll also be on site at the construction site. 

Areas of concentration

  • Preparing a wide variety of construction plans and sketches
  • Drawing field sketches, measurement sketches and detailed designs
  • CAD drawing
  • Calculating areas, volumes and quantities
  • Surveying distances
  • Learning the functions of industrially used construction software
  • Creating digital 3D views and colour concepts
  • Cooperation with construction companies


  • State-certified site engineer
  • Technical business management expert
  • Technical business administrator
  • CAD specialist and much more.

And after training? Many doors will be open to you.

It’s hard to make a firm commitment, especially when you’re young. Real estate agents have the edge in this respect. Their generalist training in the real estate industry keeps many career options open. You can work for housing construction and real estate companies. You can also work for property developers and management companies, in real estate agencies, or in the real estate departments of banks or insurance companies.

Still not enough options? Then continue your education. In residential property management, for example. Or start another course of study. With your solid knowledge, you can study real estate economics, real estate management and much more after completing your training. And all doors will be open to you later as a trained draughtsman. From architecture and engineering offices to trade fair construction.

So what are you waiting for?

Secure a free training position.

If you like a mix of theory and practice, commercial and technical content and independent work, then you’ve come to the right place. Our trainee Nico Čok tells us why he decided to train as a real estate agent.

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Your training:

The Employers’ Association of the German Real Estate Industry (Arbeitgeberverband der Deutschen Immobilienwirtschaft e. V.) awarded us the 2021 seal for “training in top form”. And the Chamber of Industry and Commerce also recognises us as a high-quality training company. For you, this means: Top training at one of the best real estate companies in Nuremberg.    

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Dual study programme

Want to study and get a taste of working life at the same time? With a dual study programme at wbg, you can have both and benefit from the combination of theory and practice. With the dual study programme at wbg, you’ll can gain practical experience right from the start, right alongside your studies. In cooperation with the Nuremberg Institute of Technology and the IU International University of Applied Sciences, we offer both technical and commercial courses of study.

3 courses of study

Civil Engineering (B.Eng.), Energy and Building Services Engineering (B.Eng.), Business Informatics (B.Sc.)

3.5 years

Duration of training (standard period of study)

What we offer

  • Excellent support from experts in the field
  • A great working atmosphere
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • An attractive salary

What you need to bring with you

  • University entrance qualification (general qualification for university entrance, vocational baccalaureate diploma)
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Self-motivation

Our partner universities

If you choose a dual study programme at Nuremberg Institute of Technology, your standard period of study will be 3.5 years. You will spend a total of 15 months in the company and gain practical experience in the day-to-day operations of wbg Nürnberg GmbH Immobilienunternehmen.

Possible fields of study:

Are you interested in studying at IU? In that case, you’ll work 20 hours a week (Mon-Wed) at our company. From Thursday to Friday, you’ll be learning the necessary theory at the university. wbg will pay your monthly tuition fees and on top of that you’ll receive an allowance.

Possible field of study:


In addition to theory, gain your first practical experience and experience the world of real estate at the largest municipal real estate company in the Nuremberg metropolitan region.

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