New construction Day-care centre Forch­heimer Straße

Project description

On behalf of the City of Nuremberg, we are building a new five-group day care centre for a total of 99 children in two nursery groups on the ground floor and three kindergarten groups on the upper floor. The Nuremberg Office for Children, Youths and Families is responsible for the project.
The building will be constructed as a free-standing new building with a floor area of 1,079 m² on an independent plot at the end of Forchheimer Straße south of the turning area. The future primary school on Forchheimer Straße is to be built on the opposite northern side of the street.
The angular building shape of the new kindergarten building serves as protection for the kindergarten as well as for the residents of the adjacent terraced housing development: The building arrangement results in noise reduction of the day care centre operation towards to the adjacent residential development.
The project was planned as a solid wood building. The façade is also clad with curtain-type and in places semi-transparent wood.
Commissioning took place in April 2021.


Forchheimer Straße 85, 90425 Nuremberg in the Thon district.

Energy standard

EnEv 2016. Heating via heat pump and geothermal energy.

Special features

The building was constructed using solid construction methods. This means that ceilings and walls function as load-bearing elements of the building.


Gross floor area

1,079 m²

Usable area

   735 m²

Outdoor area

1,664 m²

Parking spaces

2 on the property, 3 by redemption

Total costs

€4.7 million

Start of construction

3rd quarter 2019

Completion of construction

2nd quarter 2021


STM Architekten, Nuremberg

Open spaces

WLG Landschaftsarchitekten, Nuremberg

Photos by Wolfgang Schmitt

Visualisation by stm°architekten, Nuremberg