Conversion Schoolyard Friedrich-Hegel-Schule

Project description

As part of the expansion of the Friedrich-Hegel-Schule, the approximately 3,700 m² schoolyard was redesigned. The project was funded by the FALK-STIFTUNG FÜR GESUNDHEIT UND BILDUNG (Falk Foundation for Health and Education).
In detail, the following work was carried out:

  • The inlets and drainage pipes in the courtyard area were completely replaced.
  • After replacing the frost protection and base layers according to the load requirements (fire brigade), the areas were newly asphalted.
  • The traffic training area was installed in the centre of the courtyard, incorporating the new play areas, the existing artwork and the existing seating circle.
  • Three play islands with play equipment and fall protection covering (wood chips) were built. The rounded boundaries of the play islands were made with granite small stone paving.
  • New seating facilities in the form of permanently installed swivel chairs and loungers were created and highlighted by paving with concrete block.
  • The green areas around the tree locations were enlarged.


Schoolyard of the Friedrich-Hegel-Schule, Neue Hegelstraße 17 in Nuremberg.

Special features

The new playground equipment was selected with the participation of the children. When coordinating the playground equipment with the school representatives for inclusion, it was taken into account that children with limited mobility would be able to use it. The access to the gymnasium was made barrier-free, and the existing steps were replaced by a ramp.


Area of the schoolyard

3,700 m²

Total costs

€1.01 million (€400,000 from the FALK-Stiftung)

Start of construction

October 2018

Completion of construction

July 2019

Open spaces

Freiraumplanung Mrachacz, Nuremberg

Civil engineering

IB Brundobler, Kelheim