New construction Reichels­dorfer Schul­gasse

Project description

New construction of a three-group after-school care centre for 75 children and various modernisation measures at the primary school on Reichelsdorfer Schulgasse: 
A new after-school care centre with a 959 m² footprint was built in the detached school area. After demolition of other extensions, it was attached to the angular school building on two sides. Both are functionally fully integrated with each other, e.g. with mutual fire protection escape between the new after-school care centre and the school.


Reichelsdorfer Schulgasse 9, 90453 Nuremberg

Energy standard

EnEV according to the Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG). By 2020, the Energy Saving Ordinance (Energieeinsparungsverordnung) will regulate requirements for the energy consumption of buildings. 

Special features

Old tree population


Gross floor area

    954 m²

Usable area

    707 m²

Outdoor area

1,898 m²

Parking spaces


Total costs

€4.24 million

Start of construction

July 2017

Completion of construction

November 2019


gdh-architekten, Heilsbronn

Open spaces