New construction Wöhrder See Café

Project description

A café with a usable space of around 170 m² and about 40 seats was built on around 400 m² at Wöhrder See.


The café is located on the north side of the Wöhrder See near Kirchweihplatz Wöhrd.

Energy standard

The café meets the 2016 EnEV standard. The regulation raises the energy standard for new buildings. 

Special features

The café also offers a “Toilet for all”. This means a public toilet facility that is fully accessible for the disabled.  


Commercial units


Property area

400 m²

Usable area

170 m²

Total costs

Approx. €1 million

Start of construction

May 2019

End of construction

November 2019

Project management / building owner / general planning

wbg Nürnberg GmbH, Architektur & Städtebau

General contractor

Gastronomie und Toleranz (GuT) gGmbh - Lebenshilfe Nürnberg e.V.

Fire protection

Neumann Krex & Partner, Nuremberg


Dr. Kreutz & Partner, Nuremberg

Open space planning

Adler & Olesch Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Nuremberg

Open space owner

Servicebetrieb Öffentlicher Raum

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