New construction Frei­willige Feuer­wehr Buch

Project description

The existing fire brigade equipment building in the Buch district, which could not be renovated or converted, was replaced by a new building and demolished after the new fire brigade equipment building was put into operation.
The former Milchhaus No. 12, which was demolished before the construction project, is located on the new property.
To replace the existing fire brigade equipment building of the Nuremberg-Buch volunteer fire brigade at Hofwiesenweg 8, a new fire brigade equipment building was constructed behind the existing building with a parking space for the fire engine, an attached single-storey storage area and a two-storey functional wing with changing rooms and a training room.


The property is located in the district of Nuremberg-Buch and lies east of Hofwiesenweg 12 and north of Georg-Ziegler-Weg.

Energy standard

The planned fire brigade equipment building was classified as a public non-residential building and built according to the current energy requirements of the EnEV (EnEV 2014) at the time of submission of the building application. 
To comply with the requirements of the EEWärmeG (Renewable Energies Heat Act), the approach was chosen as a substitute through measures to increase energy efficiency compared to the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) in accordance with EEWärmeG Annex VII.


Total area of the enclosed property

1,787 m²

Buch district

Plot 113/2

Plot 119

Plot 119/2

Plot 120


      69 m²

    478 m²

    150 m²

1,090 m²

Parking spaces

12 car parking spaces

12 bicycle parking spaces

Total costs

€4.50 million

Start of construction

Spring 2020

Completion of construction

End of 3rd quarter 2021

Building owner

WBG KOMMUNAL GmbH, Nuremberg


Kölling Architekten PartG mbH, Bad Vilbel

Technical building services planning

HDH Nürnberg GmbH, Nuremberg

Structural planning

Seeberger Friedl Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Erlangen


Büro für Arbeitssicherheit Dipl. Ing. Wilfried Sippl, Altmannstein

Architectural acoustics

ING+ARCH Partnerschaft mbH, Ehingen

Visualisation by Kölling Architekten PartG mbH

Start of construction of the fire brigade equipment buildings