New construction Grund­schule am Thoner Espan

Project description

New primary school with four classes per grade (16 classes, 400 pupils) and a five-group lunch-time supervision facility in the first construction phase.
In addition, a 6-group and 4-group after-school care centre for 325 children will be built in the same construction phase.

In the second construction phase, a new building with a 3-field gymnasium will be constructed. 

Demolition of the existing school building and the gymnasium as well as dismantling of the temporary school and after-school care centre containers.

In the course of the new construction, the school sports fields, school open spaces and open spaces of the after-school care centre and lunch-time supervision will be newly constructed as well as the all-weather pitch and running track. In the process, the existing biotope will be protected and integrated into the perimeter of the open space planning.
The green spaces adjoining the building site will have to be closed off or their use reduced during the construction period in order to realise the building project.


The primary school is located in the Thon district. Am Thoner Espan 10.

Energy standard

This is a passive house according to the Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG). This means that little heat can escape due to the high level of insulation and that passive heat sources, such as solar radiation or the heat generated by electrical appliances, are used to generate heat in the building.


Gross floor area 1st CP

  7,545 m²

Gross floor area 2nd CP

  2,486 m²

Usable space of school, lunch-time supervision facilities, after-school care centres

  6,753 m²

Gross capacity

49,420 m³

Gross floor area of school, lunch-time supervision facilities, after-school care centres

10,032 m²

Outdoor area

16,150 m²

Parking spaces


Total costs

€36.30 million

Start of construction

1st CP: 1st quarter 2018

2nd CP: 1st quarter 2021

Completion of construction

1st CP: 2nd quarter 2020

2nd CP: 4th quarter 2024


ARGE baum-kappler, Nuremberg + Junk+Reich, Weimar

Planning of technical building services

Ingenieursbüro Kalb, Fürth

Structural planning


Open spaces

IB Adler + Olesch, Nuremberg


Ground-breaking ceremony for the new school building at Thoner Espan