New construction Day-care centre Grüne­wald­straße

Project description

New construction of a 10-group day-care centre, with a 4-group kindergarten and a 6-group after-school care centre for a total of 250 children.
The new building on Grünewaldstraße 18b is connected to other subsequent measures as a start-up project. The site, formerly used for commercial purposes and mainly asphalted, first needs to be cleared. After the completion of the new day-care centre in 2022, it is planned to renovate the existing day-care centre on Grünewaldstraße 18a to the south.


The new building is located in the northern part of the site. Due to the building’s basic shape of two cubes that are offset into each other and due to a cut in the north-east of the site, two different outdoor areas are created. The outdoor area to the east is to be assigned primarily to the kindergarten area, while the area to the north-west is to be assigned to the after-school care area.
According to the development plan, a public path runs through the property in an east-west direction.

Energy standard

The project was planned on the basis of the “Guidelines for Energy-Efficient, Economical and Sustainable Building and Renovation”. The EnEV standard (standard for energy requirements for new buildings) is implemented, which represents the most economical solution in terms of investment and follow-up costs.
The building will be equipped with district heating and a central ventilation system.

Special features

With regard to sustainability, the building was constructed as a 2-storey wooden structure.


Gross floor area

2,637 m²

Usable area

1,621 m²

Number of day-care centre places


Parking spaces


Total costs

€11.58 million

Start of construction

November 2020

Completion of construction

June 2022


Bär Stadelmann Stöcker Architekten, Nuremberg

Open spaces

WGF Objekt Landschaftsarchitekten, Nuremberg


Technical building services planning

Ingenieurbüro Kalb, Fürth