New construction Martin-Behaim-Gymna­sium

Project description

The grammar school is currently home to around 850 pupils and over 70 teachers and will in future provide space for around 1,500 pupils and around 150 teachers.
Parallel to the construction of the new Martin-Behaim-Gymnasium, the directly neighbouring, listed Neue Gymnasium Nürnberg (NGN) is being renovated and expanded.
In August 2019, an open two-phase competition for the new school building and seven gyms was organised and decided.
The winners of the competition are Caramel Architekten ZT - GmbH together with the landscape architecture firm YEWO Landscapes.


The grammar school is located in the Ludwigsfeld district.

Special features

The aim of the competition was to design a new building that not only succeeds in introducing the concept of the “kompetenzorientierter LehrplanPLUS” (competence-oriented curriculum PLUS), but also facilitates a pedagogical paradigm shift. This means that the room and route relationships for teachers and pupils will change and that learning spaces will be created that do justice to current pedagogical concepts.
After the realisation of the two projects, the two grammar schools will form a functionally linked school location with a joint refectory, an advisory centre and sports halls.


Gross floor area

27,991 m²

Usable space, school

14,150 m²

Usable space, gyms

  5,015 m²

Outdoor area (MBG property)

21,709 m²

Parking spaces

Only barrier-free parking spaces are provided. The necessary parking spaces are provided on the MSH site.

Total costs

Still in planning

Start of construction

Approx. 2022

Completion of construction

Approx. 2025


Caramel Architekten ZT-GmbH, Vienna

Open spaces

YEWO Landscapes GmbH, Vienna

Model by Caramel Architekten ZT-GmbH, Vienna.


You can now view all the competition entries at