New construction Neuburger Straße

Project description

Four 3 and 4-storey apartment buildings in solid construction were built on Neuburger Straße in the Eibach district. The ceilings and walls were built in such a way that they are supporting elements of the new building. They were built as standardised apartment buildings. 
The flats comply with the subsidy guidelines of income-oriented subsidies. The ground floors are accessible barrier-free, and lifts can be retrofitted.


The Eibach district, in the mixed-use area between Donauwörther Straße and Neuburger Straße.

Energy standard

The necessary energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions are achieved by using geothermal energy.

Special features

The new buildings have underfloor heating. In addition, there is a large forest playground about 300 m away.


Residential units


Privately financed (MBB*)




Parking spaces                                     


in carport


Living space

3,587 m²

TIC (CG 200 - 700)

€10.83 million

Start of construction

March 2019


December 2020

Project management

wbg Nürnberg GmbH, Architektur & Städtebau, Mr Nagel

Design of standardised house

Grabow + Hoffmann, Architekten, Nuremberg

Technical building services planning

wbg Nürnberg GmbH, Architektur & Städtebau

Structural planning

Dr. Kreutz + Partner, Nuremberg

Open spaces

Lorenz Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner, Nuremberg

Building physics

Wolfgang Sorge Ingenieursbüro für Bauphysik GmbH & Co. KG, Nuremberg

Photos by Ekkehard Nagel, Matthias Fleischmann and Wolfgang Schmitt
3D animations by Enrico Reusch / wbg Nürnberg

This project is supported with the funds from the CEB