Modernisation Reinerzer Straße 26-28

Project description

The façade was provided with thermal insulation, which, in combination with the silicone resin top coat used, gives the property a new appearance. 

The insulation was planned and executed in compliance with all current fire protection regulations. In conjunction with the newly installed windows, the thermal insulation leads to a considerable reduction in the calculated heating energy demand.

The roofs of houses 24, 26-28 were completely renovated. In this context, all sheet metal connections and gutters, including downpipes, were renovated.

Tenants’ gardens were created for the tenants in the ground floor flats. These are accessible by steps over the balcony. Each tenant garden will be fenced off and have a garden water connection.

Old bicycle stands will be replaced by new ones. The green areas on the street side will also be redesigned and new planting areas created.

The staircase (all walls, stair undersides and ceilings) will be given a new coat of paint. The existing stair railing will also be repainted.

The basement floor surfaces of the generally accessible areas, including the plinth areas, will be repainted.

Likewise, all basement walls of the generally accessible areas will receive a new coat of paint. A new basement door will be installed as a fire-retardant door with an overhead door closer (sliding rail on the upper edge of the door).


Reinerzer Straße is located in the Langwasser district.

Special features

The modernisation was carried out in the occupied state.


Residential units


Living space

2,384 m²

Total costs

€1 million


March 2020 - April 2021


Ramstötter Dinkelmeyer Architekten GmbH, Nuremberg

Open spaces


Fire protection

TEUCKE INGENIEURBÜRO Brandschutz, Tragwerk, Sicherheit, Nuremberg

This project is supported with the funds from the CEB