New construction New Construction Nursing Home Hans-Schneider-Haus

Project description

The new replacement building for the neighbouring Hans-Schneider-Haus is being built here in cooperation with AWO Kreisverband Nürnberg e. V. 

The AWO nursing home on Salzbrunner Straße, “Alten- und Pflegeheim Hans-Schneider-Haus”, which was built in 1965, no longer meets today’s standards in all respects. Moreover, the existing building will have to be converted anyway due to the necessary renovations. The AWO intends to maintain the Salzbrunner Straße location and will continue to provide places for those in need of care there.

The planning is based on the winning design of the competition by Heinle Wischer, Cologne. On a gross floor area of around 8,700 m², a total of 140 single-bed rooms will be built by 2026, 38 of which will be wheelchair-accessible. 

The new building includes a garden for dementia patients and a roof garden with facilities suitable for senior citizens. 

The dining room with integrated district café opens the house to the district and invites participation.


The new building is located on Salzbrunner Straße in the Langwasser district. 

Energy standard

The project meets the KfW EH 55 standard. Since 2016, this regulation has increased the energy standards for new buildings. 


Total costs € 31 million
Total area 8.700 m²
Start of construction 08 / 2023
End of construction 06 / 2025
Building owner wbg Nürnberg GmbH Immobilienunternehmen
Operator AWO Kreisverband Nürnberg e.V.
Drafter Heinle Wischer
General constructor Bauunternehmung GLÖCKLE SF-Bau GmbH