Barrier-free living with wbg.

With increasing age, it becomes more difficult to negotiate steps and thresholds. Illnesses or accidents can permanently restrict one’s ability to move. It may therefore be necessary to adapt your home to your changed living situation. We won’t leave you on your own!

wbg provides support for conversions and adaptations.

For us, handicapped-accessible and barrier-free living is a matter of course. We offer support to all tenants who want to change their living space, either by redesigning their flat or by finding a suitable flat. Measures can range from adapting the furnishings and equipment of the flat to structural changes.

Our service for you

  • In-home personal counselling
  • Information about adaptation and financing options
  • Individually tailored assistance in planning and implementing housing adaptation measures
  • Pointing out housing alternatives
  • Further information on assistance options and supporting institutions
  • Arrangement of our handicapped-accessible and barrier-free flats
  • At our SIGENA neighbourhood meeting points, you’ll find flats that allow round-the-clock care in your own home.


SIGENA – Our neighbourhood project

Our SIGENA neighbourhood meeting points offer services and counselling for all situations in life.

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