bewegt.wohnen (“mobile living”) with wbg

The “bewegt.wohnen” project offers wbg tenants an attractive mobility concept as an alternative to their own cars: It combines public transport, car sharing and rental bikes and additionally offers the possibility to save time and money!

Mobile across Nuremberg.
Join in and protect the environment.

bewegt.wohnen is a joint project of wbg Nürnberg GmbH Immobilienunternehmen in cooperation with VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft and book-n-drive mobilitätssysteme GmbH. As part of the mobility project, wbg tenants benefit from advantages for an annual subscription, including 600 free minutes/month for VAG_Rad bike rentals, and can rent a car-sharing vehicle from book-n-drive at a low price.

Not a wbg tenant? – You can still participate:
Many people living in the city only need their own car occasionally, for larger shopping trips, for example. On many other days, the car is simply left parked. As numerous studies show, it’s cheaper to switch from your own car to car sharing if you drive less than 10,000 km per year. For most other inner-city trips, the annual VAG subscription is cheaper and more environmentally friendly in relation to owning a car.

The bewegt.wohnen locations for car sharing and VAG bikes

Use public transport or selected car sharing vehicles and VAG bikes available in the following areas:

Car sharing vehicle Eisenacher Straße 3

St. Johannis
Car sharing vehicle
(station-independent) in the area between Wiesentalstrasse, Brückenstrasse, Johannisstrasse and Nordwestring,

VAG bike station directly opposite our NordWest Customer Centre at the “Westfriedhof” tram stop

Röthenbach bei Schweinau
Car sharing vehicle
on the lay-by between Kavalastraße 4 and 6

Car sharing vehicle
opposite the SüdWest Customer Centre, in the right-hand car park at the front of the building at Rothenburger Straße 183c/ corner of Zollerstraße,
VAG bike station at the Sündersbühl underground stop (U3) next to the underground entrance on Bertha-von-Suttner-Straße (corner of Rothenburger Straße)

VAG bike station
on Ostendstraße / corner of Wagenseilstraße

VAG bike station and VAG cargo bike
on Dr.-Luppe-Platz

Langwasser Nord
VAG bike station
on Euckenweg / corner of Ricarda-Huch-Straße

The advantages of bewegt.wohnen

The bewegt.wohnen project is aimed at all interested parties

You save time and money:

  • No costs for purchasing and maintaining your own car
  • No need to look for a parking space or make appointments for servicing and repairing your car
  • Make good use of your travel time with public transport, e.g. for reading or working
  • Avoid traffic jams and do something for your health at the same time with the VAG rental bike

wbg tenants also benefit from special advantages:

  • Start-up credit of €30 for car sharing with book-n-drive
  • Discount of €10/month on the annual VGN subscription and an additional 600 free minutes per month for the use of the VAG bike and the VAG cargo bike

Registration for car sharing

Register for car sharing with book-n-drive from the comfort of your own home. You can visit a wbg Customer Centre to check your driving licence, activate the registration and issue your chip card.

As soon as your car-sharing chip card has been activated, you can book a car at any time. The book-n-drive or NürnbergMOBIL app will show you exactly where the car or bike is.

To the book-n-drive app

Conditions of participation

Annual VAG subscription:

  • To change your subscription, please bring your current subscription with you.
  • For a new subscription, you will need a recent passport photo.

Car sharing:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have a valid European Class B driving licence
  • You have a valid identity card or passport

Please find further information about the car-sharing provider at and about the annual VAG subscription at

Helpful apps

As soon as your car-sharing chip card has been activated, you can book a car at any time. The book-n-drive or NürnbergMOBIL app will show you exactly where the car or bike is.



Any questions?

For general questions about the bewegt.wohnen project, please contact the wbg Service Centre at 0911-8004 1800.

For questions or complaints about the vehicles, please contact the 24-hour service of book-n-drive directly at 069-5899 622 22.