Environmental and species protection

How do we as a real estate company manage to protect the environment and harmonise the living space of humans and animals?

The environment and biodiversity are close to our hearts.

We create living spaces...including for kestrels, bee colonies and many other animal and insect species. We also make sure to create many green spaces with meadows, trees, bushes and flowers in our housing complexes.

Our kestrel

In agreement with the Environmental Office of the City of Nuremberg, we were allowed to create a nesting place in the attic of one of our apartment buildings for a kestrel that returns annually during the breeding season. Every spring you can watch our kestrel nesting via webcam.

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Our bee colonies

Since 2020, we have been adopting bees from an organic beekeeper. Another colony of bees moved in with us in 2023.  Now we are giving a home to around 20,000 bees in the garden of our head office.

This way, we’re not only protecting the environment and the bees, we’re also harvesting our own honey. This is sold to our employees. The proceeds are donated to a good cause.

Flowering fields and green spaces

The housing complexes of wbg consist not only of concrete and paved areas, but also of park-like areas with trees, bushes and flowers. The pure green spaces cover around 700,000 square metres. They provide varied living spaces for flora and fauna. 

Many meadows are mown only twice a year, thus serving as nectar refuelling stations for a wide variety of insect species.

Become a tree friend now

New trees are planted in our housing complexes all the time. We welcome committed tenants who would like to take care of the trees. Interested? Then please send us an e-mail:


€1000 for green thumbs

As part of our competition “Our housing complex should become more beautiful”, we look for and select the most beautiful tenant gardens every year. A total of €1000 in prize money is distributed among the winners. Would you like to apply? Please contact your Customer Centre.

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