Promotion of the arts

We create living and working spaces for artists in Nuremberg and support street art projects and art on buildings.

Artists’ studios and studio apartments

For Dr Hermann Luppe, former Lord Mayor of the City of Nuremberg (1920-1933), two issues were particularly important: Creating living space and promoting art. During his time in office, some of the core housing complexes of wbg were built and artists’ studios were created in each of the housing complexes, where artists could live and work. We still have these studios today. We would like to continue this tradition in the future.

Rent a studio

Interested in renting an artist’s studio or studio flat from wbg Nürnberg? Please contact us by e-mail.


Art in the wbg housing complexes

We would like our tenants to share in our commitment to art, which is why we regularly commission artists to embellish our housing complexes. The works of art on the wbg building façades include sculptures, mosaics, reliefs, bronze panels, sgraffito and ceramic figures. Some free-standing sculptures can also be found on the outdoor areas of our residential quarters. Wood carvings – for example on the stair posts – can also be found in our houses.

The modern art form of street art has become more and more widespread in recent years. To make the district of Langwasser even more colourful, we commissioned 17 works of graffiti, which could not be more diverse. Yet street art can also be found in other parts of the city on wbg objects such as house façades, underground car park entrances or subways.


As part of the “Betonliebe” (Concrete Love) project, local and international street artists have embellished the walls of our existing buildings. 

Our art collection

To promote the artists who live and work with us, we have repeatedly commissioned and purchased works of art from them. In this way, we’ve been able to build up a wide-ranging art collection over the decades. 

The collection now consists of around 135 works by renowned artists such as Oskar Koller, Jakob Dietz and Leo Birkmann. To further expand our art collection, we still commission artists to create works for us – with images of our housing complexes, for example.

Paris Montmartre von Oskar Koller