Cooperation project between wbg and AWO Kreisverband in Nuremberg-Langwasser

For the purpose of district development around Salzbrunner Straße in Nuremberg-Langwasser and to increase quality in the care sector, the Nuremberg Workers’ Welfare Association – Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Nürnberg e. V. (AWO) – and wbg Nürnberg GmbH Immobilienunternehmen have entered into a cooperation.

The AWO nursing home on Salzbrunner Straße, “Alten- und Pflegeheim Hans-Schneider-Haus”, which was built in 1965, no longer meets today’s standards in all respects.  In addition, there is a considerable need for renovation and thus a need for action to address this. Nevertheless, the AWO intends to maintain the Salzbrunner Straße location and will continue to provide places for those in need of care there.

In cooperation with wbg Nürnberg, it has now been agreed that wbg will build a new nursing home on a property that previously belonged to wbg that was used as a garage. The new home will have, among other things, 100 beds, a dementia garden and a roof garden with furnishings suitable for senior citizens. The investment costs amount to roughly €31 million.

The boards of AWO and wbg approved the project a few days ago. The rental contract for the future home was signed by the representatives of both contracting parties.

As things currently stand, construction is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2023.  The new home is expected to be completed by the end of 2025. Once the people have moved into the new facility, the current nursing home will be demolished in order to build additional rental flats on the property.

“We are pleased about this cooperation with AWO, as our core competence allows us to take over the real estate part, which, together with AWO’s professionalism, will help bring about a significant improvement of the current situation for the people and the district”, explains wbg Managing Director Ralf Schekira during the signing of the contract.

“For us at the Nuremberg Workers’ Welfare Association, the construction of our new nursing home in Langwasser is a milestone. In cooperation with wbg, we can meet the most modern standards in care and can satisfy the needs of the elderly and those in need of care even better than before”, emphasise the two board members of the Nuremberg Workers’ Welfare Association, Ina Schönwetter-Cramer and Michael Schobelt. “As always, the focus is on the well-being of the residents and their right to self-determination. The new premises, which meet the highest standards, will help us achieve this”, add Schönwetter-Cramer and Schobelt.

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