“Jeroo” mural on the Nordring in Nuremberg

“Jeroo” mural on the Nordring in Nuremberg
Streetart-Artist Christoph Ganter aka „Jeroo“

From 4 to 7 October 2022, Jeroo aka Christoph Ganter from Stuttgart, one of Germany’s most distinguished urban artists, designed an approximately 120 m² mural on behalf of wbg Nürnberg GmbH Immobilienunternehmen, curated by Carlos Lorente and supported by the Urban Art Fund of the Sparkasse Nürnberg bank.


Sparkasse Nuremberg specifically supports street art projects through its Urban Art Fund, which was founded in 2018. This has allowed a variety of works of art to be created on building facades and walls in recent years.


Jeroo has been active in the scene since 1993 and has transformed public spaces not only in Germany, but also internationally. His works can be admired in Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Brisbane, Milan, Rome and Vienna, among other places, and now also on the Nordring in Nuremberg.


This February, Deutsche Post honoured him with a special stamp with a street art theme, showing his characteristic shapes and figures. The mural in Nuremberg is also dominated by the typical abstract birds and shapes and arabesque blossoms, which are at times reminiscent of the style of Art Nouveau. The tree in front of the mural was to be integrated as a key element of the work, thereby underpinning the swan and the robin motifs with the general theme of nature and the environment.


The mural was created on a large gable facing the Nordring belonging to an apartment building owned by wbg Nürnberg (Schopenhauerstraße 32). The project costs are borne by wbg Nürnberg and the Urban Art Fund of Sparkasse Nuremberg, which already facilitated a large mural at Nordostbahnhof last year with the world-famous artists Telmo & Miel (“TelmoMiel”).


The project was curated and produced by the graffiti artist Carlos Lorente from the Akademie Style Scouts®, who is well-known in the region and who has also been responsible in recent years for projects such as Betonliebe (“Love of Concrete”) in Langwasser and the largest graffiti mural in the region at Grundig Park in Fürth, which was created just a few weeks ago.

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