Start of construction of new children’s and youth centre with a base for mobile play vehicles

Start of construction of new children’s and youth centre with a base for mobile play vehicles

On behalf of the City of Nuremberg, WBG KOMMUNAL GmbH is building a new children’s and youth centre with a base for the mobile play vehicles “Mobbl” and “Ratz” on Nopitschstraße 23 in the Schweinau district. Construction will begin shortly.

In addition to the actual youth centre, the new four-storey building with a gross floor area of 1,574 m² will also house extensive storage, administration and preparation rooms as a base for the two mobile play vehicles. The children’s and youth centre covers approx. 45% of the total floor space, the base for the mobile play vehicles approx. 55%. Due to unfavourable soil conditions and to preserve existing trees, the building will dispense with a basement.

“I am pleased that, thanks to the elongated shape of the new building, it has been possible to create extensive noise protection for the north-facing outdoor facilities of the children’s and youth centre. This makes it possible to do without noise barriers of considerable height that would otherwise be required. Nevertheless, the length of the building allows the maximum preservation of surrounding trees, especially on the western boundary of the property. The new residential quarter planned on the site of the former paint factory to the north will also benefit from the noise-shielding effect of the new building in the direction of Nopitschstraße”, explains Nuremberg City Councillor for Planning and Building Daniel F. Ulrich.

“We are thus creating an eagerly awaited facility for open children and youth work in the southwest. As a district-oriented facility, it is firmly anchored in the immediate social environment of its users and has the function of a district centre for children, adolescents and young adults from Schweinau. The conceptual centrepiece of the new building is its low-threshold open-door area. Children and young people are free to come at fixed times without prior appointment, spend their free time there and use the attractively designed rooms. The educational staff is available to the visitors for discussions, counselling and support. With this project, we are closing a gap in services for children and adolescents in the city while establishing an urgently needed base for our mobile play vehicles”, as Elisabeth Ries, City Councillor for Youth, Family and Social Affairs, is pleased to announce.

“We are very pleased that we can build the urgently needed facility for the children and adolescents in this area in Schweinau. We are also happy to help the City of Nuremberg in this respect along with our subsidiary WBG KOMMUNAL”, states wbg Managing Director Ralf Schekira on the occasion of the start of construction.

The City of Nuremberg is investing around €8.3 million, of which around €5.5 million will be taken over by the federal and state governments from urban development funds. As things currently stand, the project is expected to be completed at the end of 2023.

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