New rental flats on Grünewaldstraße

As part of the further development of the Nordbahnhof core housing complex of wbg Nürnberg GmbH Immobilienunternehmen, the garage complex on Grünewaldstraße 16 was already demolished at the end of 2021. This was necessary to obtain building clearance for a day-care centre, which is also being newly built, and to undertake the rearrangement of outdoor facilities.

Preparations are now beginning for the construction of a new apartment building on the former garage site. This will require the felling of 13 trees. These are five protected existing trees and eight trees that do not fall under the tree protection statutes. Three neighbouring trees will have to have their crowns pruned to protect them from damage. This work will begin shortly. 

Replacement plantings will be made for the felled trees on the owner’s property in the course of the construction of the outdoor facilities after the building work has been completed.

After that, the construction site will be set up and actual construction work will begin in February 2023. A total of 34 rental flats will be built, 12 of which are financed according to the guidelines for income-oriented support. The 12 residential units also include three flats for wheelchair users.

A total of 47 parking spaces are planned for the ground floor and basement, some of which will be available for rent to neighbours. 

A SIGENA neighbourhood meeting point will also be built. After its completion, every core housing complex of wbg Nürnberg will have such a meeting place. All SIGENA neighbourhood meeting points serve to strengthen neighbourhoods, as contact points for people with special problems and as rooms for offers for senior citizens. The new facility will be accessible via the square that is being built between the new building, the day-care centre on Grünewaldstraße 18 a and the row of houses starting at number 20.

wbg Nürnberg is investing approximately €11.6 million for this. Completion is currently scheduled for the end of 2024.

“We’re pleased to be able to build new rental flats on Grünewaldstraße in addition to the necessary infrastructure facilities as part of the district development. We kindly ask for your understanding for the work that will soon begin and the inconvenience this will cause,” explains wbg Managing Director Ralf Schekira on the occasion of the start of the construction preparations.

Views/ plans: wbg Nürnberg GmbH

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