Topping-out ceremony for monopol491

wbg Managing Directors Frank Thyroff and Ralf Schekira, Chair of the Supervisory Boards of the wbg corporate group, Mayor Marcus König, Master Carpenter Stefan Göbel, Minister-President Dr. Markus Söder, MdL, Area Manager Michael Lekon, Ed. Züblin AG, Directorate Manager Frank Seibold, Ed. Züblin AG, Area ManagerHarald Thurn, Ed. Züblin AG and Head Construction Site Manager, David Benkert, Ed. Züblin AG.
A traditional crown being placed between the buildings at the topping-out ceremony.

Around 13 months after the groundbreaking on Äußeren Sulzbacher Straße at the former site of Bundesmonopolverwaltung für Branntwein (German Federal Monopoly Administration for Spirits), now known as the monopol491 district, the shell of the building is finished. That means it is time to celebrate a traditional topping-out ceremony as a thank you to the builders who handled the shell construction with Minister-President Dr. Markus Söder, MdL and Mayor Marcus König in attendance.

During the first phase of construction on the northeastern part of Äußeren Sulzbacher Straße, wbg Urbanes Wohnen St. Jobst GmbH (a subsidiary of the wbg Nürnberg GmbH real estate company) will construct around 180 rental units, consisting of 2-4 room flats funded according to the Bavarian guidelines for income-based funding, as well as various commercial units.

Once again, the floor plans of the rental flats, which were developed by the Architecture & Urban Development department of wbg Nürnberg in cooperation with the Nuremberg architectural office Grabow & Zech, Nürnberg will be used as part of a serial building approach. The buildings will be built using solid construction by the Nuremberg division of Ed. Züblin AG, which will act as general contractor. Completion is currently scheduled for the end of 2024.

This phase of construction is part of a comprehensive district plan with an eye towards sustainability. Although the building has already been certified as a sustainable building site during the current phase, planning specifically considered the energy efficiency of the building, a local heating network, cogeneration and photovoltaic power generation, green roofs, and finally future e-mobility services as part of an overall mobility concept (local public transit, car sharing, bike stations).

“I am very thankful to the wbg corporate group for building almost 200 funded and affordable rental units here to expand housing options within our city”. These flats are urgently needed, and will help reduce the housing shortage” said the Chair of the Supervisory Board at the wbg corporate group, Mayor Marcus König, during the topping-out ceremony.

“By building the monopol491district according to DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen - German Sustainable Building Council) standards, ZÜBLIN is making an important contribution to the climate-friendly planning and building of the future. Our work here includes using green power, energy-optimised work, and separating out construction waste materials. In addition, by creating a green façade and other landscaped areas, we are creating not only affordable, but attractive living spaces as well, says Project Manager David Benkert, ZÜBLIN Bavaria Directorate, Nuremberg area.

“We were able to complete the shell construction on schedule despite difficult conditions. We want to thank everyone involved in this achievement. The model of partnership we selected with ZÜBLIN AG was able to at least partially limit continuously increasing building costs. Nevertheless, in production the flats will be much more expensive than planned. Because of this, we will not be able to complete the further development of the property, where around 500 new rental units are scheduled to be constructed upon completion, within the planned time period” explained wbg Managing Director Ralf Schekira during the topping-out ceremony.

Due to the cooperation with the company Aldi SE Adelsdorf, another 56 privately financed residential units and a new discount store with a bakery shop will be built on the neighbouring property over the next few years.

wbg Managing Director Ralf Schekira during his address at the topping-out.
The topping-out ceremony from above. Photos: Axel Rieger, wbg Nürnberg

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