Renovation of Max Beckmann School completed

On behalf of the City of Nuremberg, WBG KOMMUNAL GmbH has renovated the MaxBeckmann-Schule on Beckmannstraße, located in the Worzeldorf district. Parts of the existing building were modernised and rebuilt, while other parts were demolished and supplemented by a new extension and replacement construction.

Due to the increasing number of pupils, but also the school’s lunchtime supervision, there was a need to create expansion areas for classrooms and labs as well as lunchtime supervision areas. After conducting an appraisal of the existing building, it was ascertained that the single-storey intermediate building between the west and east wings exhibited the most intensive need for renovation. Apart from its structural condition, the intermediate building at that time also showed extensive functional deficiencies: The former recreation hall had no direct access from the street side, so incoming and outgoing pupils could only enter and exit using indirect routes. The functionally desirable sequence “main building access – recreation hall – schoolyard” could not be realised.

Therefore, the one-storey intermediate building was demolished and a new larger twostorey building was erected in its place. This new combined extension and replacement construction comprises a total gross floor area of 860 m² and thus also a GFA of approx. 290 m² available as a replacement area for a new recreation hall. Barrier-free access to the new recreation hall is possible from the street An der Radrunde. In addition, the facility now has a lift that creates a barrier-free connection between the east and west wings.

The school has sufficient outdoor areas. Moreover, the areas to the west of the west wing, which are used the most, require no renovation. For economic reasons, therefore, the planning of the current outdoor facility aimed, as far as possible, to only add areas towards the new building area / inner courtyard.

“The new premises are not only sensibly organised in terms of their function, but the barrier-free construction also creates an inclusive living area at the site. In addition, we now have space at the location to respond in a flexible manner to increasing numbers of pupils”, says school officer Cornelia Trinkl.

Additional work was also required to update the fire protection and renovate the roof of the school gym. There were also 15 new parking spaces, including one for disabled people. These were accommodated at the south end of the property and can be accessed via the street An der Radrunde. In addition, 72 new bicycle stands and 36 m² of storage space for kick scooters were created.

“The district library will also be relocated in 2026. After that, the caretaker’s flat located in the administrative offices of the west wing will no longer be needed, so the district library could be moved there. This would create a reserve area for another classroom in 2026. In general, once the caretaker’s flat has been removed, the administrative wing offers the option of a further school expansion if required. This could be created by way of a conversion, an extension or by replacing the administrative wing with a larger construction”, says planning and building officer Daniel Ulrich. Due to the future planning from 2026, the entire west wing façade remained unchanged, while the east wing façade was completely renovated to maximise energy efficiency.

“The reorganisation of functional relationships in the existing building, the creation of expansion areas and the need to respond adequately to future changes were particular challenges in this project”, notes Ralf Schekira, Managing Director of the wbg Group.

The plans were drawn up by the architectural firm gdh-architekten based in Heilsbronn. The expenses amounted to approximately €7.8 million.


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