Handover of keys to the Worzeldorf fire brigade: Fire station renovation completed

Photo: Handover of the fire station to the Worzeldorf volunteer fire brigade; Deputy Commander of the Worzeldorf volunteer fire brigade Christian Erb, Mayor Christian Vogel, Department Manager of WBG KOMMUNAL Sabine Stahl, Chief Fire Officer Volker Skrok, Lord Mayor Marcus König, Commander of the Worzeldorf volunteer fire brigade Martin Metz (from left to right).
View into the depot of the Worzeldorf fire station Photos: Dieter Barth, wbg Nürnberg

After Kornburg comes Worzeldorf: On Saturday, 8 July 2023, after completing the second construction project, the renovation of the fire station in Worzeldorf, the keys were handed over to the volunteer fire brigade.

An annex was added to the vehicle depot of the existing fire station. The vehicle depot itself was partially renovated, as was the administration building. New windows, radiators, toilets, floors and electrical equipment were installed. The new annex includes changing rooms and sanitary facilities for both sexes. In addition, space was created for a workshop and storage areas. To round off the project, the courtyard was repaved and the tower was converted into a training tower. The City of Nuremberg spent 3,481,500 euros on the renovation.

“The annex fulfils an important function for the fire brigade’s emergency services in the rapidly growing area around Worzeldorf and Herpersdorf, one that will ensure that the city’s security architecture remains fit for the future”, explains Lord Mayor Marcus König. “Even in times when the budget situation is difficult, the City of Nuremberg does not cut corners when it comes to safety. I want to thank to the City Council for providing the necessary funds. Above all, I would like to thank the dedicated men and women of the volunteer fire brigade, who work on a voluntary basis in their spare time to keep people safe.”

Mayor Christian Vogel added: “I am pleased that we as a city are also delivering on what we promised: ensuring the comprehensive renovation of our fire stations. Our volunteer fire brigades do important and excellent work. Everyone is aware of that. But to do that, they also need effective equipment. Our job is to make sure of that. And we are doing it now.”

Roughly ten years ago, the Nuremberg City Council passed a resolution to renovate existing fire stations or build new fire stations for all 18 volunteer fire brigades in the Nuremberg metropolitan area. All locations were thoroughly examined, then categorised and prioritised according to the need for action. Plans were subsequently drawn up and solutions developed for all the fire stations. This is a one-of-a-kind project, even beyond this region. Starting in 2011, a working group had examined the need for renovation for all the stations of the volunteer fire brigade throughout the city, comparing the existing conditions with the requirements of a modern fire station.

This appraisal led to the conclusion that the first step of the project should be to renovate the stations in Kornburg, Moorenbrunn and Worzeldorf and to build new stations in Buch, Eibach and Gartenstadt. The other four fire stations are also nearing completion. Future projects include the building a new station in Katzwang and renovating the station in Altenfurt.

The site of the Worzeldorf fire brigade has been modernised to meet the specifications for fire brigade stations and all current occupational health and safety requirements. It is used by the Nuremberg fire brigade as a supply location as needed and a “lighthouse” in the event of a disaster. The location of the fire station in the city ensures the fastest possible arrival of the emergency services at the scene of an incident. The Worzeldorf volunteer fire brigade was founded in 1899. It has 45 active members, with a further 11 members in the youth fire brigade. The Worzeldorf firefighters use the fire station on Worzeldorfer Hauptstraße 3, which has now been renovated.

In 2017, WBG KOMMUNAL GmbH (WBG K) was commissioned, together with the Nuremberg fire brigade as the user, to gradually concretise and implement the plans for the new buildings and renovations. As department head Sabine Stahl from WBG K affirms: “WBG K is pleased that the measure will reduce the risks of accidents and health hazards before and after operations of the volunteer fire brigade and that new training facilities for rescues at height could be created in Worzeldorf.”

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