Pigeon house opened

In the City of Nuremberg, more and more people are complaining about disturbances caused by city pigeons. This also applies to the property portfolio of wbg Nürnberg GmbH Immobilienunternehmen.

In order to find a solution that is satisfactory for everyone, the company has now concluded a cooperation agreement with the “Tierschutzverein für Stadttauben und Wildtiere e. V. – Ein Haus für Stefan B.” (Animal Protection Society for City Pigeons and Wild Animals – A House for Stefan B).

As a first step, the agreement provides for the construction of a pigeon house in the Nordostbahnhof core housing complex. There is an area there that is increasingly affected by pollution from urban pigeons.

In cooperation with the animal protection society mentioned above and after informing the residents, part of the attic was converted into a pigeon house in the scope of a building renovation project. The pigeons will be lured into their new home with food. They will then nest there and lay eggs. The members of the society will exchange these for plastic or plaster eggs. This is a pilot project for wbg Nürnberg, which will initially run for a limited time until 30 June 2025. The issue of animal protection is also important for the benefit of the pigeons, whose living conditions will also be improved by the pigeon house.

“With this approach, we want to try to reduce the unpleasant side effects of pigeons and curb their reproduction in a natural way. We very much hope that we will succeed with this cooperation and that we will have found a transferable solution for other areas of our stock”, explains wbg Managing Director Ralf Schekira during the opening of the pigeon house.

The chairman of the supervisory boards of the wbg Group, Lord Mayor Marcus König, is happy about this pilot project. “I thank the volunteers involved and our wbg for this show of commitment – for the benefit of the animals and people in our city. If the cooperation between the ‘Tierschutzverein für Stadttauben und Wildtiere e. V. – Ein Haus für Stefan B.’ and the wbg is successful, then I can very well imagine that we will try a similar approach in other wbg facilities. I am very excited about the result”, explains Marcus König during the tour of the project.

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