wbg family collects for Hospiz-Team Nürnberg e. V.

[Translate to English:] Bei der Spendenübergabe: wbg-Betriebsrats-Vorsitzender Robert Schumbrutzki, Ingrid Kästlen, Referentin für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit beim Hospiz-Team Nürnberg, Betriebsrats-mitglied Anja Dorn und der stv. Betriebsratsvorsitzende der wbg, Herbert Jander. (v.l.n.r.) Foto: Raylene Mantock, wbg

At the end of 2022, the Works Council of wbg Nürnberg GmbH Immobilienunternehmen continued its tradition and collected money for a good cause at the joint end-of-year party for former and active wbg employees. 

An amount of almost €2,000 was collected, which the company rounded off and doubled. This meant that the Chairman of the Works Council of the wbg Group, Robert Schumbrutzki, was able to present €4,000 to Hospiz-Team Nürnberg e.V.

“As a representative of our employees, I’m pleased that we can present this considerable amount. With Hospiz-Team Nuremberg e.V., it will benefit an institution that is dedicated to the care of seriously ill people. We’re happy to support this difficult work,” said Robert Schumbrutzki upon presenting the money.

Hospiz-Team Nürnberg e.V. has been working in this field for many years. It helps those affected and their relatives in the home environment, in retirement homes and hospitals and in inpatient hospice and palliative facilities with the aim that no one has to die alone. 

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