About wbg

As the municipal real estate company of the City of Nuremberg, we are committed to providing fair and affordable housing for the people of the region. Learn more about us.

We create living spaces.
Since 1918.

As a leading group of companies in the real estate industry in the Nuremberg metropolitan region, we have been creating liveable living spaces for over 100 years. Every tenth person in Nuremberg lives in one of our flats! This gives us a great sense of responsibility for the society and the environment, a responsibility that we are happy to accept.

With flats that are contemporary. With fair rents. With energy projects that combine the latest efficiency standards with established buildings. And with social commitment – from sponsoring charitable projects to promoting new housing options.

Our philosophy: human

“We create living spaces” is more than a company philosophy – it’s the foundation of our actions. We want to create spaces for people in Nuremberg to live in – to give them a home. In doing so, we not only have the broad strata of the population in mind, but also those who are having a hard time on the free market.

To the mission statement

Appreciation. Consistency. Basic trust.

Our values and principles of action determine our daily work, our dealings with our customers, our partners and with each other. We want to fulfil our mission towards the city and society with success and passion. The foundation for this are committed and qualified employees who support, implement and promote our self-image and the associated tasks of the company.

Our concept of management

The facts speak for themselves:


group-owned and third-party residential units (rental flats).


rented commercial premises, garages and parking spaces


condominiums with over 46 owners’ associations are managed by us. Find out more at www.norima.de.

We build.
For the City of Nuremberg.

Alongside N-ERGIE and VAG, we are a strong partner in the Städtische Werke Nürnberg (StWN) group of companies. We bundle real estate expertise and support our shareholder, the City of Nuremberg, with our real estate services. To this end, we founded our own subsidiary, WBG KOMMUNAL GmbH, which helps the city to implement municipal building projects such as schools, day-care centres, fire stations and sports facilities.

100 years of wbg

The history of wbg Nürnberg began on 22 March 1918. 100 years later, we looked back on its 100th anniversary. There were many highlights to mark the anniversary, such as our anniversary newspaper and the book “100 Jahre Bauen und Leben in Nürnberg” (100 Years of Building and Living in Nuremberg).

To the anniversary newspaper

To our books

Our history. The highlights.

Only the most important awards and projects are listed below.

  • wbg receives the German Building Award for the project “EUROPAN 12 – a housing complex with 132 units in urban Südstadt, Nuremberg”.

  • wbg receives the “Nuremberg Prize for non-discriminatory corporate culture”
  • wbg is honoured for the fifth time within the framework of “audit berufundfamilie” for its personnel policy, which is sensitive to family and life phases

  • wbg wins the German Building Award for the project “New Housing in Sündersbühl”.

  • 100th anniversary of wbg
  • wbg receives DW Future Prize for the Real Estate Industry

Inauguration of the “IQ – Inner-City Districts” housing model of the Supreme Building Authority in the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, Building and Transport

wbg and Joseph-Stiftung (Joseph Foundation) jointly acquire 41,000 m2 of land at the Nordostbahnhof for the construction of rental flats and approx. 25 terraced houses and town houses as ownership measures

  • wbg is awarded a Special Recognition of the German Building Award 2009 for “WAL – Wohnen in allen Lebensphasen” (Living in all phases of life)
  • wbg receives seal of approval from dena Deutsche Energieagentur for three model buildings: Ingolstädter Straße 139-141, Bernadottestraße 42-48 and Kollwitzstraße 1-

Foundation of the subsidiary WBG KOMMUNAL GmbH to handle a partial package of economic stimulus programme II for the City of Nuremberg

Foundation of ImmoSolution GmbH (ISG) together with ImpleaPlus GmbH (IPG) for the construction and sale of residential and commercial properties as well as the development of land and facility management

Award of the Sustainability Prize of the City of Nuremberg to the WBG Nürnberg Group

  • Establishment of the wbg 2000 Foundation
  • Start of urban renewal of the Nordostbahnhof housing complex with around 2,500 rental flats

Change of name to Wohnungsbaugesellschaft der Stadt Nürnberg mbH (01/01/1991)

Start of urban renovation and development measures in the Bleiweißviertel district

1957: Start of construction of the “Langwasser district”
This was preceded in 1956 by wbg’s announcement of an urban development ideas competition for the development of the Langwasser district

1957 – 1960: Purchase of the Langwasser area in 3 partial contracts;
total: approx. 421 ha at approx. € 10.4 million


Reconstruction and restoration after around 60% of the housing stock was totally or partially destroyed in 1945.

Stock 1955:
8,245 flats (1,134 new buildings)

Construction of the following housing estates, among others:

1926–29  Gibitzenhof (approx. 1,300 housing units)
1926–32  St. Johannis (approx. 1,100 housing units)
1928–29  Nordbahnhof (approx. 1,200 housing units)
1930–37  Nordostbahnhof (approx. 1,950 housing units)

April 1922

City council decides to found the Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbaugesellschaft der Stadt Nürnberg mbH (non-profit housing association of the City of Nuremberg, economically and legally more suitable form, continuation of tasks of the Bauverein)


Foundation of the Nürnberger Wohnungsbauverein e. V.
(Founding members: City of Nuremberg, Chamber of Crafts for Middle Franconia, Nuremberg Construction Guild, etc.)

Looking for more facts, figures and data?

You can download the annual reports of the last few years here:

To the annual reports

Companies and organisational structure
of wbg Nürnberg.

Compliance at wbg Nürnberg

Principles, rules of conduct and values form the basis for a trusting cooperation internally and towards our business partners and customers and are of vital importance for compliance management at wbg Nürnberg.

The compliance goal for wbg Nürnberg is adherence to legal regulations and internal company instructions. To implement these requirements sustainably, we have established compliance regulations that are binding for all employees.

In line with the importance the company attaches to the observance of rules, the principles and practices are set out in our mission statement.

If there are questions of understanding, unclear procedures or indications of non-compliant practices, employees, managers, business partners and customers can contact the compliance officer personally. In addition, the independent ombudsman appointed by wbg Nürnberg, Dr Tobias Rudolph, is available as a contact person. He also welcomes tips on possible compliance violations, anonymously if desired.

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