Living space for kestrels

After a considerable delay, a pair of kestrels moved into the Mögeldorf housing complex of wbg Nürnberg GmbH Immobilienunternehmen at Easter. For the second year, the birds can be observed via webcam and now also an outdoor camera.

In 2020, an attentive resident came forward and reported that kestrels were nesting in one of the properties. As it turned out, a pair of birds of prey had already moved into a window niche under the roof in 2019 and laid and hatched several eggs there. This happened again in 2020. When one of the birds crashed with minor injuries, it was determined that they were kestrels.

In consultation with experts, the attic window was opened in the early autumn of 2020, a nest box with webcam was installed and an additional room was separated from the attic to protect the birds. In this way, a new living space was created for the feathered residents.

This year, too, people were eager to find out whether the kestrels would return and take up residence in the home. For weeks now, the male has been seen flying around the district, and he was joined by a female during the Easter holiday period. Since 19 April, both have moved in and the length of stay is steadily increasing. Now it remains to be seen if and how many eggs will be laid this year. In 2021, 6 young birds were raised.

The webcam

now allows interested parties to be there live around the clock.

“In order to give observers an even better view, we have also had an outdoor camera installed this year. We are therefore all the more pleased that, in addition to being able to observe the peregrine falcons at Nuremberg Castle, we can also watch the kestrels in Mögeldorf as they breed and rear their young. We not only design living spaces for people, but also for animal species need protection. We are thereby once again demonstrating our commitment not only to the people of our city, but also to the protection of animals and species”, says wbg press spokesman Dieter Barth on the occasion of the kestrels’ arrival.

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