Municipal building projects

Our subsidiary, WBG KOMMUNAL, realises municipal projects for the City of Nuremberg, such as day-care centres, schools or public buildings.

wbg kommunal.
For the City of Nuremberg and all those who call it home.

WBG KOMMUNAL GmbH was founded in 2009 to support the City of Nuremberg as an in-house company in the implementation of the economic stimulus package II (“Konjunkturpaket II”). This mainly involves building projects such as schools, day-care centres or administrative buildings.

For this purpose, WBG KOMMUNAL provides construction management services within the scope of planning, controlling and implementing municipal building projects and acts on behalf of the building owner, the City of Nuremberg. At the same time, it takes on projects in the capacity of building owner for the City of Nuremberg within the framework of public-public partnerships (PuP). This includes the planning and construction of buildings as well as financing and management.

Completed municipal projects

A large number of building projects have already been completed jointly by the City of Nuremberg and WBG KOMMUNAL GmbH.

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